Sunday, 5 June 2011

Challenge 2: 'Emma'

I, Emma, hereby Challenge you, Luke, to read Emma.

You have to admit, there's something quite poetic about that being the first title I choose for you.

It might seem a little mean of me to choose an Austen title. Luke is not the Austen type (as far as I know) and I assume the little he has read (if any?) would have been forced upon him at school (Luke: Yep, Pride and Prejudice, though I managed to almost completely avoid reading it while still getting full marks on the assignment). I would like to show that Austen can be fun and funny. I also feel a bit of responsibility to educate him - literaturely - beyond the genres of SciFi and Adventure novels.

In addition to having the best title and best named herione ever, I believe that Emma is Austen's funniest and easiest to read. (Made more so as I believe Luke would have
been forced to sit through
seen at least some of the Gweneth Paltrow movie version. (Luke: Uhh no?)) And we can watch Clueless! For research, you know.

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