Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Challenge 4: Put Yourself In My Shoes

This challenge is a little bit different, and a big bit awesome.

Luke, here is your challenge...

Any four of the following:
1 x Babysitters Club book.
1 x Saddle Club book.
1 x Sweet Valley High or Sweet Valley Twins book.
1 x Nancy Drew book.
1 x Thoroughbred book.

BONUS: 1 x Goosebumps book.

Before you get all "But that's four books" on me, they are tiny; you will blaze through them. (And the bonus one makes five.)

These are the books I grew up with. They are the ones I collected and read and reread, and they are what made me the reader and the person I am today. They shaped my views on friends, horses, boys, siblings, the necessity of belonging to a club, and the preferable colour and length for a girl's hair. They will help you understand me, and many, many girls whose ages are plus or minus a bunch of years from mine.

Can't wait to hear your opinions on strawberry blonde vs long blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

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