About Us - Luke

I'm also a Darwinite living in Adelaide, this is my first year here, so I haven't yet developed Emma's hate of winter, though I can see where she is coming from. I'm 18, and in my first year of a Computer Systems Engineering course at the Uni of Adelaide.

I play Wheelchair Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee and want to make nationals for both (for Wheelchair this carries the unfortunate consequence of probably having to lose a few toes). I also play computer games; mostly FPS, RPG and Strategy, though I'm happy with pretty much everything.

I read mostly Fantasy and Sci-fi, though I like a good Action/adventure novel too. My fave books include The Lord of the Rings, The Discworld Series, The Black Prism, The Way of Shadows, Magician, The Legend of Drizzt (I-XIII), I just started The Saga of Seven Suns... ok, I'll stop now, I could go on for a while.