Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review 2: 'Emma'

I approached this book with misgivings; I have never really liked books of this style (about the exeptionally uneventful lives of English gentility). That said, I did make an effort, not just to get through Emma, but to enjoy it.

I can tell you now, it will never be one of my favorite books, and I probably won't read it again any time soon, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected. True, it seemed to drag on, and on, aaand on, but that really is just part of the style of writing. This, really, is my main problem with this book (and even the whole style/genre): It just takes a very long time to get anywhere. Admittedly, my impatience with the slow pace is probably the result of reading very little other than fantasy/sci-fi/action which reads quite a bit faster.

Now: the good points, I'm sure I can find some ;) ... I did get a few laughs from Emma (The character, that is) (Emma (the challenger, that is): Yay! I like it when I'm right.). She has a wonderful combination of egotism, arrogance and smug superiority that does make her character... hmm... interesting. She isn't - apart from a few incidences which she later regrets - mean or spiteful, she just thinks that she knows more/better than everyone around her. It is amusing when she finds out that things she is so absolutely certain about are not actually correct, and are usually a very long way from what is actually happening.

So in the end I have decided that Emma isn't a bad book, just one that I dont find particularly entertaining. Since this is usually why I read, there isn't a huge change of me reading it again - unless of course I start dating an Austen fan, then I might, if only to appear knowledgeable. :P

Check back for the next challenge soon.

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