Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review 4: Put Yourself In My Shoes

Well this challenge certainly was interesting. The first book I read was one of the Goosebumps series, and it made so little impression on me that I can't even remember the title (something about mud men? - ah yes: You Can't Scare Me). It was followed by a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys book - Gold Medal Murder, which was easily preferable (If nothing else because the cover had Nancy on it, and she's hot :P). Apart from the cover art it was a bit more complex, and I had to think for at least a few moments to figure out what was going to happen.

Next up were the two horse books (Western Star and Star's Chance for Thoroughbred and The Saddle Club respectively). These were mildly entertaining, but unfortunately did have any hot girls on the cover art... disappointing. Although I probably did learn something about horses while reading them, so that was good. Last of all was Sweet Valley High (The Treasure of Death Valley). I can't say I particularly enjoyed this one all that much, and I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps just because it was so divorced from what I usually read. On the bright side, it did have treasure, so it wasn't all bad.

Now, on to the most important matter: From my studies, and extensive research in these books, I have concluded that Long Blond hair is preferable to strawberry blond, and that you can never go wrong with blue eyes.

So, all in all, while I am not in awe of these books, they did provide a moderately entertaining 3-4 hours reading. Thinking about it, they really didn't last long... It was also interesting see how much my tastes in books has evolved, which is to be expected, but is still interesting.

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