Friday, 16 December 2011

Challenge 8: 'Hunting Party'

You are being Challenged!
Your Book: Hunting Party.
Your Challenge: To read it.

Hunting Party is book one of the Serrano Legacy - probably one of my favourite Sci-fi series of all time. I chose Hunting Party partly because of this, partly because my other candidates included a 600 page book which is really only an introduction to the rest of the series and a book which I know Emma wouldn't like, and partly because it doesn't need the rest of the series to be good, it works just fine on its own. So yeah, have at it Emma, hope you enjoy yourself.

Review 7: 'Seven Little Australians'

Another challenge, another classic. I think Em was right when she said I would have enjoyed it more when I was younger, but it was still alright. Similarly to some of the previous challenges (Emma, I'm looking at you), I am not a massive fan of the book, but it did however mange to elicit a chuckle or two fairly regularly, so I'm not unhappy with having to read it.

Tune in for the next Challenge in just a moment!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Author Visit: Matthew Reilly

Last week, I went to a local Author Talk - Matthew Reilly promoting his latest book, Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves. Luke first introduced me to Matthew Reilly a few years ago - best recommendation he's ever made - and we both read the latest book as soon as it was released.

Matthew Reilly discussing the painting used for the cover of Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves.

I've never been to an author event before, and I quite enjoyed it. I know he did some other appearances that we just listed as Signings or Visits, but this was an hour-long presentation by Matthew Reilly about (it seemed) pretty much whatever he wanted to mention. He spoke about the various cover art decisions (Americans like explosions and calling people Matt instead of Matthew), where he gets his ideas, film and television possibilities, and his next projects.

I really wanted something that I wouldn't have been able to get from the internet or didn't already know, and I got it:
Spoiler warning he used before showing something from the new book.
the main character of his new novel is a girl. At least I think so. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a major but not main character.
I also really wanted news on when the next Jack West book is coming out, and the answer is: keep waiting, buddy. I feel like authors should be like story-writing robots, and as soon as one book comes out the next one should be nearly ready to go. Turns out it's not quite like that, if you are Matthew Reilly. I will be very eager to read Four Whatever Whatevers when it is eventually released, but since I just learned that books don't write themselves, it may be a while.

From Hovercar Racer.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Challenge 7: 'Seven Little Australians'

As we mentioned in our Twitter posts, we have decided to suspend the audiobook Challenge, for reasons that we will discuss in an upcoming post. Therefore, we're moving on to Challenge 7!

Luke, you are challenged to read Seven Little Australians, by Ethel Turner.

Fun fact: In 1994, this was the only book by an Australian author to have been in print for 100 years.

It's an Australian classic, and while you may have enjoyed it more when you were a bit younger (and therefore closer to the characters' ages), it's never to late to catch up on your classics. I imagine it will be a quick and easy read, and it might even be fun for you.