Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In the Beginning...

Ok, so I gave Emma a book to read, one that I had really liked. And three weeks later she *still* hadn't read it (yes, I know she has a massive book pile, but this should obviously have gone on the top), so I decided we needed some rules to go with book lending/advising. (Emma: Well I'm sorry I read your library book first. Next time I'll just let you get a fine!) Obviously, we are both reasonably busy, so we don't get a huge amount of time to read, so constantly giving each other books is unreasonable, as is completely ignoring anything given to you. And thus, the Victory Book-Sharing Challenge was born.

Basically, on alternate months, we choose a book for the other person to read. They have to read it at some point in the month, and then they put a small review, like/dislike, etc. on this blog. We will also, when we choose the book the other person to read, write a thing about how we think they will find the book, whether they will want to read more, etc.

I hope you (whoever you happen to be) enjoy reading about our reading, the first book will be up soon. :)

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