Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Challenge 11: 'Insurrection'

Your Challenge, for the first time, is a book which I haven't read. I got you this book for Christmas, mainly because you had been reading other books set (more or less) around the same time. The book is Insurrection, by Robyn Young.

The book, from what I remember, is centred around the power struggle caused by the murder of the Scottish King in 1286. As the Scottish Lords vie for the throne the King of England, Edward, is making his own plans, but "a young squire will rise to defy England's greatest king. His name is Robert the Bruce".

One other reason why I bought this book (and why I give challenges) is that this is the first book in a trilogy. Giving the first book in a series will not only give the recipient something else to read if they like it, but gives me something to buy them at future Christmases. So yeah... let me know what you think so I can buy you a birthday present ;)

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