Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I'm Reading: 'A Game Of Thrones'

I requested A Game Of Thrones from my library approximately a bajillion years ago. Then it came in for me, and I decided it was too much of a big undertaking (have you seen how thick this book is? Not to mention the many many books after it) so I gave it back, and requested it again. I think this may have happened a couple of times, and all the while I was itching to watch the TV show, but couldn't (COULD. NOT.) because I hadn't read the book.

It came in again recently (well, in the recent past. See: OMG SO LONG), and I started reading it, even though I was in the middle of my Challenge book. Bad idea, what was I thinking, etc.

In the first place, my Challenge book was obviously not going to read itself. And secondly, really not a good plan to read two books at the same time that feel the need to include family trees and/or maps in the front, and feature royal houses and multiple battles and things like that. I got a little confused, especially as wolves figure prominently at the start of each book and wait doesn't the wolf mean this? Or was it that? I soon forgot about my Challenge book's things, though (yay?), so it was all good.

I really enjoyed it. Even though it was SEVEN BAJILLION PAGES LONG and felt like it took me a trillion years to get though it, it felt like a quick read - as I was reading it. Does that make sense? I felt like I'd fly through a chapter or a few chapters, and then I'd look and there would still be a million chapters to go.

Since chapters are dedicated to specific characters, I didn't find it hard to keep them straight (even with my other-book issues). I also found it quite easy to put down, but I always wanted to pick it up again. And turns out there is not much need to keep people straight, as most of them will be dead by the end of the series (according to Facebook friends who clearly have more time/dedication than I do).

Also, Game of Thrones brings people together! I was at a party last weekend with different 'groups' like work friends and school friends and things, but at one point, there was a massive group comprised of people from all these groups, all going on about A/Game Of Thrones and then I ran away because ARGH SPOILERS.

Recommended! (Or you could just watch the TV show.)

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