Friday, 6 December 2013

I'm Reading - Quick Reviews

I loved Divergent. I ordered Allegiant as soon as I knew it was coming out. When I started to read it, I realised I couldn't remember what happened in Insurgent, so I read Insurgent then Divergent in the space of a couple of days. I was disappointed. I would recommend reading Divergent - and just that one. In the second two, I found there was too much going from this place to that other place to that place, for extremely vague reasons.

Burn for Burn was just okay. I like the idea of empowered girls taking their revenge. I didn't love any of the three characters, and the slight supernatural element, although I saw it coming, still seemed to come out of nowhere. I will probably read the sequel, but based on this review, I'm not sure why.

The Lucy Variations was interesting. I kept googling the music mentioned, and eventually had a classical playlist going the whole time I was reading. The young girl/teacher figure aspect was a bit icky.

I raved about Code Name Verity when I read it and forced Luke to read it as well. I loved Rose Under Fire almost as much. Read both of them. End of review.

I would have enjoyed Someday, Someday, Maybe more if I didn't know it was written by Lauren Graham. I was really distracted by trying to match up events in the book with possible real life events. And I don't like to think about embarrassing things happening to real people - characters in books are fine. But if I wasn't such a Lauren Graham fan, I would probably never have read it. I did enjoy it, but would have liked a chapter at the end explaining which parts were made up and which parts really happened.

I have read almost all of Philippa Gregory's books, and was eagerly awaiting The White Princess. It was okay. I was really interested to read about the person who was, per Wikipedia, the daughter, sister, niece and wife of English monarchs. However, the problem was that Elizabeth of York seemed to be always on the sidelines of the aforementioned English monarchs. She spent a lot of time sitting around having to wait for the outcome of the men's fighting to see what her fate would be. 

I have read all of Sue Grafton's Alphabet series, and about halfway through I started to wonder if she would really make it all the way through to Z - or if she even should. I haven't loved the last few, but I did enjoy W is for Wasted - maybe it was just a welcome break from all the teen crap I've been reading lately. I thought it was interesting having another point of view, but it didn't feel much different to Kinsey's usual voice, which was slightly distracting. I appreciate Kinsey's attention to detail (she is a detective, after all), but I am pretty sure that there was way more description than usual or was necessary.

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