Thursday, 16 February 2012

Challenge 9: 'The Ambassador's Mission'

For once, Luke gave me a Challenge book that I was actually excited to read. And wouldn't you know it, it's crazy hard to come by. I am on the waiting list at my library, but in the meantime, I thought I'd go ahead and issue Luke with his next Challenge.

Your Challenge: The Ambassador's Mission, by Trudi Canavan.

This book was chosen solely for the fact that its cover art reminded me of that of Brent Weeks' The Way of Shadows, which I happen to know Luke loves. Since my aim was to get Luke trying a new author that he would enjoy, I'm really hoping similar cover art equates to Luke having a similar love of the contents.

Or he'll at least enjoy describing in detail the many ways in which it's inferior. Still fun!

(LUKE: Sweeeet, I've actually been wanting to have a look at this for a while.)

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